Thursday, May 6, 2010

LETTER: Does Co-op Need Even Five Trustees?

The one word that I know that best describes Attorney Dennis Francish and his SEC clients is ARROGANCE. At this point one must ask if SEC even needs five trustees. Do we really need representatives bouncing about at near $45,000.00 per year per head to tell a professional competent power manager how to operate a small thirty eight employee power network? Not really..
The SEC’s Board and their attorney Francish paint the SEC as some kind of mysterious high technology industry in need of much top end administrative training. In truth, the only ones who need training are the “hands on people” who do the work”.
Ergo, having fairly established that we owner members do not need to pay a group of trustees buckets of money to supervise our electrical power supply needs, it is time to petition our District Court for relief. And, who knows a competent audit might result in recovery of some previously expended funds.

Alvin B. Hickox
San Antonio

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