Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Superintendent Cheryl Wilson's Desk

Every year the state legislature makes decisions that determine how much funding is available for schools. In each of the last two years, that funding has declined due to the difficult economic times the state and country face. Socorro Consolidated Schools have fared a little better than many districts this year because we had an enrollment increase of almost 2%. Since we get most of our state funding based on how many students we have, that increase helps to offset the cuts to the state schools budget.
Every year when the legislative session is over, the Public Education Department sets the amount of money that each school district gets. The Socorro Consolidated Schools engages in an annual process of reviewing the budget from the previous year, working with administrators and Board members to determine needs, and then establishing the budget before the budget is due to be finalized on June 20. Public Board meetings in April and May provide direction to the Board and administration about how to balance the budget and what to include. In addition to those meetings this year there is also a Budget Advisory Committee that reviews the details of the budgets, asks questions, and provides directions to be considered.
It is our intent that the budget reflects what our students need and our community wants. If you have thoughts, ideas, or interest, please communicate with your school principal, a Board member, or with me. You are also invited to attend the Board meetings at 5:30 on May 11 and May 25 to share your ideas and hear what is being discussed.
Contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Superintendent Cheryl Wilson

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