Friday, April 30, 2010

Walking For Heart Association

At age 59, Mycle (pronounced ‘Michael’) Brandy is the survivor of six strokes, and is walking cross country –from Newport Beach, Calif. to Washington - in support of the American Heart/Stroke Associations. He started walking Feb. 14 from Newport Beach, Calif. and will end his journey Oct. 10 at the Lincoln Memorial. 800 miles into his journey Mycle stopped in Socorro Wednesday, and visited with personnel at Socorro General Hospital. “I want to let people know about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, and that just because you’ve had a stroke it’s not the end of everything,” Mycle said. “I had my sixth stroke in 2002, but I was able to run the Boston Marathon in 2007, something I never thought I could do.” He said people can follow his progress, and find out how to make a donation to the American Heart Association on his Facebook page: Walking Across America With Mycle Brandy.

John Larson/Mountain Mail photo

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