Friday, April 30, 2010

LETTER: In Search of Ancestors

Dear Editor,

My name is Kent Steinke. I am doing a historical research project, and I need the help of your readers. I am looking for living family members of a man who lived in Luna , New Mexico , whose name was Clark Russell. If I have my information correct Clark Russell was born at Luna in 1930, and died at Belen, New Mexico in December of 1984.
The ancestors of Clark Russell (William H. Russell family) at one time lived in Nebraska, and were associated with my family during early (territorial) days. I am seeking out descendents of families that my pioneer ancestors knew, with the intention of interviewing them about their own family story, and accessing previously untapped private archives.
If anyone reading your newspaper knows the whereabouts of living relatives of Clark Russell they may contact me at:
5123 East Truman Road
Kansas City , Missouri 64127

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