Friday, April 30, 2010

Mag Mayor Wants Weed Burning Day

By John Larson

MAGDALENA - Mayor Sandy Julian has declared May 29 as a day Magdalena residents will be able to burn off weeds on their property.
“There are a lot of people in town who want to clean their yards,” Julian said at Monday night’s Village Board of Trustees meeting. “I want to allow one day for weed burning in the village. It cannot be done if it is windy, and the fire department must be notified. People should use common sense when doing it.”
Volunteer fire chief Arthur Rauschenberg said it was mandatory that safety precautions be followed.
“People should be required to have a water hose and shovel, and they will have to initiate the burn long before sunset, so it will completely be out by dark,” Rauschenberg said.
Julian said the burning of tires or other debris will not be allowed.
“We don’t want to see a big bonfire either. Only vegetation,” she said. “Notify the village fire department you will be burning weeds, have a hose and shovel ready. If you don’t you will be fined.
“I think they’ll be careful. It just requires a little common sense,” Julian said. “We’re going to try it and see how it goes.”
The council approved Saturday, May 29, as the day burning of yards will be allowed.

In other business:
• Julian confirmed that the village will be getting $450,000 in federal funds for the paving of the southern portion of Pine Street. According to Village Clerk Rita Broaddus, work on the project is expected to commence within the next few weeks. “Once we get the grant agreement from the DFA (Department of Finance and Administration) we can start putting out a request for proposals for the engineering work,” she said. “The paving is expected to run from Fourth Street to at least Eighth, and maybe to the end, depending on when the money runs out.” Julian commended Broaddus for taking care of the CDBG grant application.
• Julian said she was concerned about overtime pay at the Marshal’s office, and scheduled a meeting Friday morning with Marshal Larry Cearley and board Trustee Tommy Torres to discuss ways to reduce overtime hours and still maintain sufficient law enforcement.
• Trustee Barbara Baca commended the Magdalena High School cheerleaders for taking third place in the state’s recent Spirit competition. “We’re very proud of them, and it was an honor for Larry Cearley to give them a police escort through town,” Baca said.

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