Thursday, December 23, 2010

State Police Shopping Spree

I had a blast on Saturday watching kids shop for Christmas gifts they would not have received if not for some caring people who live right here in Socorro. Organizers, volunteers and donors from here made this happen, and it doesn’t get any better than that, this time of year.
State Police employee Tina Arellin organized a shopping day at Walmart here in Socorro for 22 children along with help from State Police Capt. Mark Umprovitch, Officer Enrique Vega, and other State Police family volunteers.
Arellin said, “It’s the third year that we’ve organized something for Socorro families and their children.  We want to do something every year and it really makes us feel good to do whatever we can for people in need. We’re honored to help in any way we can with the children of Socorro.” 
After two months of planning, Arellin, her husband Manuel and son Matthew put the plan into action, which meant giving each child a gift card to shop with and a gift-wrapping party at the County Annex building with pizza and soda and other refreshments. 
It was a pleasure for me to follow the children and volunteers throughout Walmart, taking photos and watching the looks of such joy on the kids’ faces. I find as time passes as owner of the Mountain Mail, those are the moments that are truly the best in working at a newspaper. It’s great to know that there are people in Socorro who are always trying to help those less fortunate. Congratulations to Tina and her family, all of the volunteers, and the wonderful people who donated the money to make this Christmas gift party possible.
— Gary Jaramillo


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