Thursday, December 23, 2010

Magdalena Plays Host to Fashion Model Photo Shoot

By John Larson

The Village of Magdalena played host to six fashion models who were in town last week for a photo shoot for a Milwaukee-based department store chain.
The pictures will be featured in advertising mailings promoting the spring apparel line for The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. nationwide. The company operates 278 stores under various names in seven states.
Markus Barrington, senior photo producer for The Bon-Ton Stores, said Magdalena was chosen for the photo shoot because he knew the area well. Barrington is the son of Magdalena resident Tom Barrington, and grandson of the late Jacky Barrington, founder of the Mountain Mail.
“I’ve been coming here since I was young, visiting my grandmother. Many of my memories as a child were of her working on the newspaper,” Barrington said. “I’ve always felt like Magdalena was my second home.”
Another of Jacky’s grandchildren was part of the team. Gina Barrington, sister of Markus, was the hair and makeup stylist.
“We love coming back here to visit,” he said. “This the second time this year they’ve been in Magdalena. We spent a week here in April, using the Kelly area for backgrounds.”
Barrington said the rustic settings of the village were perfect backdrops for The Bon-Ton Stores’ 2011 spring mailer. The stock pens, Magdalena Peak and surrounding mountains were used as backdrops for the latest fashions.
Another member of the Bon-Ton crew, photographer Michael Bollitine, said the light in Magdalena was perfect for shooting pictures, and prefers the early morning.
“The light is the best in the morning. Toward the middle of the day we get shadows on the models’ faces.” he said.
Markus Barrington has been senior photo producer for Bon-Ton for four years. Before that he spent five years as a model and eventually becoming director of an agency representing models.

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