Thursday, December 23, 2010

Escape From Mexican Prison Could Affect us

Message from The Mountain Mail

In the early hours of the morning on Friday, Dec. 17, about 150 prisoners escaped from a Mexican prison close to the border just outside of Laredo, Texas. Authorities say they are investigating the possibility that employees were involved in releasing the prisoners.
What does this have to do with any of us in Socorro County? It is believed that a good number of those prisoners will end up passing through this area (and may already be in the area) by train or established walking trails to get to family in our area.
“It can be dangerous up and down the Middle Rio Grande Valley because the trains stop just about everywhere at one time or another,” said immigration officials. “There’s a possibility that unknowing families along the way, such as farm owners and residents close to the railway could come in contact with one of the escaped prisoners and experience a dangerous or deadly encounter.”
The Mountain Mail management and staff want to let everyone who lives along the railway close to Socorro and all the small villages up and down the Rio Grande Valley to be extra mindful of people who you do not recognize in your area. Those of you who live close to where trains make their stops should always keep your doors locked and always know who is knocking before you open your door. Leave outdoor lights on around your home at night. When walking to your vehicle outside your home, be aware of your surroundings. Only leave your car running for warming purposes in the mornings or evenings if you have the ability to lock it and unlock it with a spare key. It is not beyond these people to hide in the back seat of your car and wait for you to come outside.
Don’t let your children play outside without adult supervision, and never leave your kids in the car while you run back inside to get something that you may have forgotten.
Lastly, don’t hesitate to call the police the second you feel something is not right. Paying attention to detail can help authorities with their investigations. Keep your guard up at all times and teach your children to do the same.

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