Thursday, March 25, 2010

VLA To Hold Open House

By John Larson

The Very Large Array, 20 miles west of Magdalena, will hold its semi-annual open house Saturday, Apr. 3, coinciding with the Trinity Site open house.
The array in currently in the “D” configuration, which will provide for the best photographic opportunities, said Dave Finley, VLA Public Information Officer.
“The telescopes will all be within one kilometer of each other; the tightest array,” Finley said.
“Our tour guides will be able to answer questions about what is going on at the VLA these days, and the status of the Expanded Very large Array, a project that was begun about two years ago.”
The EVLA project was begun two years ago “to take the existing instrument and make it 10 times better.
“People will be able to get a look at the installation and get answers to any questions they may have,” Finley said. “My hope is that winter will loosen its vicious grip and well have a decent day out there.”
“The VLA open house coincides with the Trinity Site open house.
“Trinity in the morning and the Very Large Array in the afternoon makes for a great day of science tourism,” Finley said.

Pictured: A group of visitors are dwarfed by one of the 27 radiotelescopes at the Very Large Array.

Photo by John Larson

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