Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teague Can’t Stand The Heat

From the Publisher
By Gary Jaramillo

You had to be vacationing on Pluto not to have noticed all of the boiling passion and craziness that surrounded the Healthcare question last week, and I have to say it scared me a little.
But now that we know the big stew is just about done and has been turned down to a slow simmer in order for all of the potatoes, carrots, onions and celery to soften and hopefully taste really good, we should all sit down and take a deep breath. Whether you like the Democrats’ recipe for stew or not, have a little taste, then make your decision as to whether it was put together by hamburger jocks or congressmen with the culinary skills of a Julia Child.
The puzzling part was that there were those (like Harry Teague) that stayed away from the stove and his party altogether because he couldn’t stand the heat. Yup. Never even put an apron on, and refused to chop one onion.
Heck, I understand that there were even a few courageous republicans in the kitchen everyday dipping a finger or two into the pot to at least have a taste and see how the stew was coming along. I suppose we’ve found out that Teague is a peanut butter and jelly congressman. He played it safe, and kept all of his action way over by the cupboards and fridge and never had to worry about getting burned.
There must have been peanut butter and jelly everywhere by the time Teague and the 33 other congressman who can’t or refused to cook, were finished making their messy sandwiches on the cool side of the kitchen with Boehner, Cantor, McCain and the like cheering them on.
It’s a little confusing when Mr. Teague explains in his press release that he knew from personal experience how horrible it was to live without health insurance when he was a young man, and that most of what is in the new healthcare bill is really good, but not good enough?
Isn’t a start better than the status quo?
You’d think Mr. Teague would love the idea that 32 million people would not have to live the nightmare he lived as a child? Saying that the bill was great, but not enough, and voting against it, showed a lack of courage and respect to the ideals of the party to which he is a member. At least the Republicans had the courage to say it was bunk from the beginning and every member stuck to their party’s ideals.
In the end, the die has been cast and either the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly will not be a part of Harry’s legacy, or it could turn out that he could be one of the few people named in the history books that knew when to stay out of the kitchen. In any case, his next campaign cycle will be interesting for sure.
Whether you’re a D, I, R or the New Tea Thingy in this great country, the debate will and must continue because that is what moves our world forward. I hope that the ugliness and violence stops and the adults in this country perpetrating those dumb things finally realize that absolutely nothing gets done if some insist on acting like jackasses while our children sit and watch.

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