Thursday, March 25, 2010

Si! Hispanic Is Not A Race

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wiltshire

The 2010 Census, a formal organization of our government, has made it clear that “Hispanic” is not a racial designation. It also made it clear that Hispanics are a “people of interest”. European competition over the Americas is not a dead issue.
According to DNA anthropologists, if you are not African you are a mutation of the African. We are one people, but some of us fell further from the tree.
In 1963, I had to be very tactful telling my Conservative mom I needed to take Sociology 101. I confessed, “yes, Mom, I think my instructor is a liberal.” What I didn’t say, was she was one of the best teachers I ever had. I was introduced to a wonderful world of study, people.
It was an “A” that my Mom didn’t celebrate. I didn’t tell her about the final. Not all tests then were multiple choice, nor were they graded by machines. I had to write a ten page paper on one of three subjects. I knew nothing of two of them and that would mean a lot of research and reading the week before test week. One was made for me, but dare I do it?
“How Could the Extreme Right Take Over the United States?” Never taking orders well, I wrote a short story with historical references. A plus.
Has that happened, am I a Jules Verne? No. Much of what I said has been and is being tried now. The truth is the Extreme Right has not taken over the United States, corporations have.
If you think that the Extreme Right and Corporations are the same thing. Well, I would give you a B. Corporations will never hand the country over to the Extreme Right, Conservatives or Republicans. We probably agree they are not going to hand it over to Liberals, Democrats and Environmentalists.
It seems to me now that my Economics teacher had his finger on the pulse. He was from India and personally believed in socialized economics. When he went into Canada to renew his visa he was denied re-entry to the US. He taught an introduction to all forms of economics and did not try to prove to us his point of view. I guess the problem was he said there were all kinds of economics and Capitalism is just one of many.
In 1963, he pointed out how well Capitalism was working for U.S. He hinted there could be problems down the road. There were a lot of heated student-teacher arguments in that class. Perhaps someone “reported” him.
In the 1970s, President Jimmy Carter gave a wonderful but difficult speech. Carter’s speech was about the American people, energy and capitalism. He warned we were seeing ourselves by what we own instead of by what we do. Don’t remember, or too young? You can hear most of his speech in extra features of “Capitalism, a Love Story.”
This film essay is one of Michael Moore’s best and could hold interest for most Americans.
Essays give us something to think about and we don’t have to swallow them whole or even in part. The Opinion Page is a page of essays, newspaper style.
In the 1980s, Unions were brought down. Originally, Unions saved thousands of lives. However, they had become Big Business. If management behaved better then slave owners, I would not be a union supporter. Unfortunately, all that trickles down from management is blood, sweat and tears and it is not theirs.
By the 1990s, you could not expect to get a decent raise for good work and loyal years. Your pension may have been sold off. Upward mobility was taking a strong hit from the corporate caste system. Benefits were eliminated for millions as they became “sub-contractors.” College costs were soaring and the poor were becoming “indentured” if they tried to better themselves with student loans.
We were told to save for retirement ourselves, buy our own health care and consider technical schools in service fields because we weren’t building much. Then refinance our homes for spending cash. If not, get a credit card, ‘cause you are going to buy what other countries sell.
Right jab or a left jab as long as we fight each other the multi-national corporations win.
Michael Moore has a labor and union orientation. His essays are from his experience and research. My essays come from my studies and experiences.
No one’s opinion has more value then yours.

Margaret Wiltshire can be contacted at Her views do not necessarily represent those of the Mountain Mail.

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