Thursday, October 29, 2009

OPINION: Reserve trip well worth it

By John Severance

Some random thoughts after a week or so on the job …
I made a trip out to Reserve for the Mountaineers’ football clash with Animas.
Although Reserve lost, I was struck by the passion of the town in how it backed its Mountaineers, who gave their all on the field and were absolutely exhausted after the game.
On a side note, I met the Catron County Sheriff who seemed like a cool guy.
There might not be a large population out there but there sure is a lot of land to cover. I don’t envy him.
The Reserve volleyball team and athletic department were doing its part for Dig Pink and breast cancer awareness as it raised $850. They had a table set up, selling baked goods at the football game.
Getting political
I finally delved into the Socorro political scene Tuesday. I had a cordial 45-minute off-the record conversation with Mayor Ravi Bhasker. And on Tuesday night, I covered the Socorro County Commission. That was not off the record and you can read my account on the front page of the Mountain Mail.
But you have to hand it to the commissioners and county manager Delilah Walsh. They set a world record for speed as the meeting lasted an hour. I also enjoyed going to the commission meeting for another reason. I am into full disclosure here. The county attorney is Adren Nance, who is the older brother of John Nance, who is married to my girlfriend Jill’s daughter Megan. You got that? There will be a quiz next week.
Anyway since this is my column, I get to make the rules.
So on that note, I would like to send out a hello to the Nances and to baby Keira at the Field Ranch and I hope you have not canceled your subscription yet.
Kudos, meanwhile, have to go out to Loretta Chavira and her family in their quest for a recycling program in their community of La Joya. I know a lot of people probably get intimidated when they have to address a panel of politicians. I know I do.
But the nine-year-old showed a lot of poise and confidence and it would not surprise me in the least if she succeeded.
Correcting the editor
I had a bit of a rough first week on the job and it just proves that every editor needs an editor. We had a reference to a flu shoot as opposed to a flu shot. In the Magdalena volleyball story, we called Gallup Catholic, Gallup Central. New Mexico Tech certainly is called the Miners but the rugby club is the Pygmies so that was a nice 48-point mistake. And last but certainly not least, there was a bad quote in the Socorro girls soccer story. Coach Mitch Carrejo should have been quoted: “Like the rest of the girls, she (Dezare Armijo) does not miss any practice.”
The Mountain Mail is striving to get the facts right and I need all the help I can get. Email ( or call me (505 838-5555) with any corrections or clarifications.

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