Friday, October 30, 2009

LETTER: Proud SEC Trustee

To the editor:
I want to begin this letter by thanking all the SEC members for electing me to represent them on the SEC Board of Trustees. I served on the Board over 25 years, because you elected me to the position.
I am proud of our accomplishments throughout the years that I served you. I gained valuable experience, I've met many people and have countless number of friends on the state, regional, and national level. I have many good memories and some sad memories but all in all, I am proud of what the SEC has become while I was on the Board.
Contrary to what Mr. Cole of the Albuquerque Journal stated in his recent article, I have congratulated all the newly elected trustees. He called the three of us that lost "disgrunted" trustees,
I wonder where he got that information. He never contacted me to ask me how I felt. If you want to talk about disgruntled, how about me pointing out both Charlene West and Richard Epstein ran for the Board and got soundly defeated by our President, Paul Bustamante.
Even Ms. Albrecht's husband "Bear" ran for the Board against Dave Wade. I would venture to bet that all three did not receive 50 votes altogether, yet all three have made their voices and opinions known by writing numerous letters and columns in both of the local newspapers, where they were always interviewed and quoted by the columnists.
How many times did these columnists contact the SEC Board members to ask them about our opinions? Was it because the newspapers didn't want to find out the facts so they could sell more newspapers by printing their biased news articles and opinions?
I want to wish the three new trustees all the luck and best wishes as they start their terms on the SEC Board. Believe me, they will need it. We have to endure over two years of hearing Charley Wagner shove the bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order down our throats. We have had to hear him insult us, we've had to listen to him throw tantrums.
We've had to remind him constantly that he voted on motions that he swore he voted against. He even wanted the Board to forgive his admitted oversight during the 2008 District V Meeting and allow the resolutions passed at that meeting to be introduced to the members at the 2009 Annual Meeting.
He admitted that the bylaws weren't followed at that meeting but later denied it. He wanted us to override the bylaws, which he had been telling us we never followed, and tried to intimidate us into forgiving his mistake. If he would have actually read the bylaws, he would have realized that he had made a BIG mistake.
He stole the Board's dignity, he killed our spirit and he destroyed the very principles the SEC and Co-ops around the nation abide by.
To you "followers" who didn't know where the Finley Gym was, I challenge you to find out the truth about Mr. Wagner's untruths and lack of real knowledge about our Co-op. I wonder if you can handle the truth. Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.
Proud SEC Trustee,
Juan Gonzales

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