Friday, October 30, 2009

LETTER: Welcome back

To the editor:
What a treat to have the Mountain Mail back! I am happy to have it on sale again! When news hit that his intrepid small-town newspaper was ceasing publication, everyone I know of was in a little bit of luqubrious shock. Readers of the Mountain Mail should thank the Jaramillos and everyone else involved in saving this fine newspaper.
Welcome John Severance, the editor in chief! I know you will enjoy working for the Mountain Mail, as it is a highly spirited paper where we the citizens of Socorro (and surrounding areas) speak our minds frankly and often passionatly.
Cheers as well for Eddie Padilla for not only training young boxers, but also for being such a friendly gentleman whenever one enters Walmart. Some folks are as warm and bright as the morning sun, Mr. Padilla, is one of those kind of people.
My mom and Eddie are childhood friends. I am happy to know him too as Eddie is a classic car buff!
Car people rule!
Keep up the great work, Eddie! Many people love you. I urge all Mountain Mail readers to subscribe today!
Vivian McAlexander

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