Thursday, August 6, 2009

Socorro Native, Former Mountain Mail Employee Designs New Scratcher

Mountain Mail reports

A new Scratcher from the New Mexico Lottery has been designed by a Socorro native.
The “Green vs. Red” Scratcher was created by Joby Elliott, 22, a lottery graphic designer who attended college on a Legislative Lottery Scholarship.
Elliott was born in Socorro and graduated from Socorro high School.
He worked at the Mountain Mail as a graphic designer during the summer of 2004.
He proposed a game about rival chile athletes as a fresh take on the state’s passion for peppers and the popular question asking diners to choose between red or green chile. Elliott also illustrated the game’s fleet-footed chile characters.
Elliott, a studio art major who plans to graduate from the University of New Mexico next year, joined the lottery in 2008.
In addition to illustrating Scratchers, he creates content for the lottery’s Web site and its 1,100 in-store advertising displays.

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