Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chamber Artist Of The Month Is Dutch-Born Roy van der Aa

Mountain Mail reports

The current exhibit at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce is called “Soldiers and Duckies and Politics, Oh My.” It features the art of Dutch-born Roy van der Aa.
Van der Aa is a self-proclaimed “social political activist,” with a preoccupation with American play culture, found objects and archaeology, according to his artist’s statement.
He said his paintings stem from his long interest in archaeology and the concept of “artifact.”
“Many of my works begin with objects that I find, dig up or are given to me. In a sense, I am a still-life painter, albeit a non-traditional one,” van der Aa said.
His compositions are open minded, leaving the viewer with the challenge to find their own meaning.
“My new work contains a balance of painting and collage. A juxtaposition of the real and the unreal. While the socio-political is the focus of many pieces, I temper this with a wry humor,” van der Aa said. “This recent collection of new and recent work has consistencies and departures. Toys continue to fascinate me. They are the artifacts of American mythology. Often they are created in board rooms, tied into movies in Hollywood, manufactured in China and distributed by fast-food chains. I try to shake this up. Images begin as collections which change as I combine and place them into context. I begin to compose with little in mind.”
Van der Aa said he is reminded of a Laurie Anderson quote: “You connect the dots … you pick up the pieces … from the heart of darkest America … listen to my heartbeat.”
Born in Holland, van der Aa grew up in Montreal, Canada. He studied art as a teen under Dutch impressionist Gerard van Dykhof in the 1970’s, followed by six years of formal fine arts education at John Abbott College and Concordia University.
He is currently art director and feature writer for the regional entertainment publication The Ink.
Van der Aa’s exhibit can be seen at the Chamber of Commerce on Manzanares Avenue on the Plaza through the end of August.

Photo caption: Dutch-born artist Roy van der Aa poses with some of his artwork that will be on display at the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce this month as the chamber’s artist of the month. Photo by John Larson

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