Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another School Year, County Fair Time, Luna Losers

By Kaye Mindar

A new perspective
An old poem describes a woman walking through a meadow, meditating on nature. While strolling about, she came upon a field of golden pumpkins. In the corner of the field stood a huge, majestic oak tree. She sat under the oak tree musing on the strange twists in nature that put tiny acorns on huge branches and huge pumpkins on tiny vines.
She thought to herself, “God blundered with Creation! He should have put the small acorns on the tiny vines and the large pumpkins on the huge branches.” Nodding off, the woman stretched out under the oak tree for a nap.
A few minutes after falling asleep, she was awoken by a tiny acorn bouncing off her nose. Chuckling to herself, she rubbed her nose and thought, “Maybe God was right after all!” Sometimes when we examine our lives, it appears on the outside to be a series of blunders.
Of course, we are our own worst critics, and sometimes we never cut ourselves any slack. We don’t really need anyone else to point our personal mistakes out. We almost always punish ourselves in one way or another, and the real truth of the matter is we keep going and keep looking around for the design that may not make sense to us at first, but fits perfectly as the nature and seasons of our lives change.
Another school year
They say a mother’s favorite color is school bus yellow, and it seems to come more quickly every year. Reserve Schools will begin sessions on Monday. We wish our students a great year.
Fair time
Our 4-H Club kids are preparing tirelessly, weighing their animals as the Catron County Fair quickly approaches, Aug. 28 and 29. There are more than just animals being prepared; Alberta Nicolds is teaching a cookie-baking class to make the best of the best for the judging.
This year a new building is being erected as quickly as possible on the fairgrounds. It may be partially used this year, but should be completed to add another building that will be available for next year’s events, making more room for commercial vendors and exhibits.
Luna Losers
Our Luna weight-loss group will meet at 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday, beginning Aug. 18, at the Luna Community Center. There will be a half-hour meeting each week to weigh in and learn new cooking skills, share ideas and support each other. A new doctor’s scale has been donated to the center for the group. There is no charge, and anyone who would like to participate is welcome to join.
Community center
The next Luna Community Center meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13. There will be a full report given on the proceeds from the Luna Pioneer Days barbecue lunch and dance. At September’s meeting, new officers will be elected for the coming year.
Preparedness Corner
Orders for the last canning session of the season will be due to Joyce Laney by Sept. 27. The final canning session for the year is scheduled for Oct. 23 and 24. There will be no canning sessions in August or September.
There are still cookbooks and pre-canned items available for purchase. Contact Joyce Laney for more information. Did you know food storage items are now available pre-canned and in 45-pound buckets at the Show Low Wal-Mart? You can compare prices and pick up one or two items as your budget allows.
Another shopping tip is that grocery stores usually offer larger sales on various items at the end of each month. There are many shopping tips online to stretch your dollar and build and rotate your pantry supply. Buy what you use, and use what you buy.
Genealogy Corner
Hispanic people in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado are more frequently uncovering a secret Jewish ancestry, as well as a hidden health risk. People are discovering more about their history than ever before.
Other Hispanics are learning about their ancestry through genetic testing that is also revealing the hidden health threat. Read an article at the KRQE Web site, and view a video that explains this fascinating twist in much more detail.
Quote of the Week
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
~ Robert Frost

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