Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Socorro Police Arrest man for Possession of Meth

By John Larson

An Illinois man staying at a motel in Socorro was arrested on Friday, Nov. 19, for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia (a light bulb).
Socorro police Det. Rocky Fernandez said the bust at a room in the Economy Inn on California St. was the result of evidence collected in controlled buys. Sgt. Richard Lopez, along with officers Joe Reichenbach, Matt Lyons, Denis Padilla, Stanley Montano and Louis Chavez, assisted at the scene.
“At about 5:30 Friday afternoon, as we were about to execute the search warrant on the room, we approached a male subject standing on the balcony next to the room,” Fernandez said.
When officers started yelling, “police department, search warrant!” the suspect attempted to move away from the door as officers entered the room, Fernandez said.
“He was placed on the ground and handcuffed,” Fernandez said. “We then proceeded into the room.”
According to the criminal complaint, John W. Clark, 30, of Havana, Ill., was in the room and was read his Miranda rights.
During the search, officers found a clear plastic baggie in his possession in which contained a white crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine.
“I have to give credit to officer Joe Reichenbach,” Fernandez said. “He located a light bulb behind a door that had been fashioned into a pipe used for the inhalation of methamphetamine. It had white residue still in it.”
Fernandez said Reichenbach also located a plastic baggie which had five small bindles inside a larger baggie.
The total amount of meth confiscated at the scene was a little more than one gram, Fernandez said.
“The subject who had been detained at the beginning of the search had a small baggie of marijuana on him, and he was issued a non-traffic citation and released,” Fernandez said.
A check of calls made on Clark’s cell phone by Sgt. Richard Lopez showed several text messages pertaining to drug trafficking.
“It wasn’t a huge bust, but every arrest is important,” Fernandez said. “We’re just not letting up on illegal narcotics activity in Socorro.”
Clark was booked into the Socorro County Detention Center. As of Mountain Mail press time on Tuesday, Clark was still incarcerated.

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