Thursday, August 26, 2010

OPINION: Alice, I’m Having A Dream Too

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wiltshire

Alice in Wonderland both fascinated me as a child and scared me. I’m living in a dream world, so the Toltecs and Aborigines would call it, that is not fascinating. For many indigenous people the world as presented by mankind, or man-unkind is a dream world.
What people are not “indigenous”? Who hasn’t fought for territory, who hasn’t migrated at one time or another? Humans are an earth animal so we are all indigenous aren’t we? No, not so. Indigenous people know they belong to the earth, the earth doesn’t belong to humans. Manifest destiny people are not indigenous.
Aquifer water, common wealth or common disaster? Democrats and Republicans alike are selling our water to multinationals as if it were pinto beans.
Reality, you can’t grow beans without water. You also can’t bring industry to an area without a stable water supply. New Mexico you are being sold “down the river”, in “Grande” style. Draining aquifers, global warming, in thirty years no one will want to be Governor of this state.
They are hiding the truth as much as they can. Hoping their retirement accounts and their personal water rights will be safely taken care of. Their excuse, the water we owe Texas. They might as well give us to Texas now. In thirty years or so New Mexico won’t be worth a bag of beans.
In my dream Sarah Palin is the Queen of Hearts, babe that she is. Off with their heads is still the main line. Those of you in your 80s or who remember WWII will remember Tokyo Rose. Tokyo Rose, with a very sweet voice, took a little bit of truth, embellished it with lots of lies and tried to demoralize our troops over the radio. Sarah wants you to feel sorry for yourselves so you will hate who she wants you to hate and ignore anyone with information that might help you out.
Ms. Alaska wouldn’t know a founding father from the knave of hearts. One example, many of the founding fathers were Unitarians, they questioned the trinity. The first Unitarian Church in Boston is one of the oldest churches in the country. Reading the letters and diaries of other founding fathers you will find most did not enjoy going to church any more then Sarah Palin’s fans do. Separating Church and State, religious freedom was their idea. They died wearing those boots.
No matter how many wives drag their husbands to church or what century they did that in, that’s the usual reality. I have never seen proof that any man or woman that didn’t want to go to church was a bad person.
I used the Momma Bear bit with my kids. A combination of wanting them safe and also, unfortunately, to have them turn out as I hoped. I have grown up since then. Believe they are good; and magically, they are. Or if they stop believing they are bad because someone said so, they will also do okay.
As a “momma bear” it has never been my desire to make polar bears, or any other bears, extinct. Like Tokyo Rose, Sarah can do theater of the absurd. My gut tells me, Sarah is not an indigenous kind of gal.
She couldn’t take the heat and finish her job as governor; that would mean taking responsibility for her actions. Individually, bullies are gutless. She is great at telling stories. We laughed at the German and Japanese propaganda machine, it’s not as funny closer to home. However, it is absurd.
Something not funny. Did you like watching our Coast Guard work for BP? While “White” people want to compete with “Hispanic” people for greatest population growth, we allowed a major food source compromised seriously, if not completely. Not indigenous, not too bright. Unfortunately, the poison did disperse the oil and now these poisons are climbing the food chain. Everybody’s kids will suffer.
Propaganda is not funny. It isn’t useful. While Republicans were trying to get you irate over President Bill Clinton’s sad sex life, his trade policies were killing off our manufacturing future.
Grow up, pay attention.
9/11 we lost 3,000, two wars, many more. The weapons of mass destruction were ours. The war profits are going to the multinational empire, the bill goes to you. This put you in bed with Red China. Don’t give me this anti-communist crap. It hasn’t bothered any Republican or Democrat since Richard Nixon. Now the clean up heroes of 9/11 are sick and dying. That’s okay with Republicans and Democrats, untaxed profits go to multinationals.
Disgusting? It’s “revolt-ing.”
Give a good job to our returning Vets. Vets for Congress; it’s good pay, great benefits and all the bribes anyone could dream up.
First Amendment covers you too.

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