Thursday, August 26, 2010

County Passes Mobile Home Ordinance

By John Severance

The Socorro County Board of Commissioners passed a mobile home movement ordinance Tuesday night
The ordinance should provide a method of rhe assessor’s office to collect property taxes on mobile homes within jurisdiction of the county. The ordinance applies to all streets, highways, county roads and public roads within the boundaries of the county.
“This ordinace is important,” said David Naranjo of the assessors office. “We need this to be able to do our job and have this ordinance in place. It brings mobile homes on to the tax rolls.
Vice chair Danny Monette said, “I think it’s a great idea.”
Chairwoman Rosie Tripp said, “This is something the county has needed for a long time.”
The other big news was that roads superintendent Marty Greenwood met with FEMA officials this week after the state declared the county a disaster area because of the flash floods in the past month that washed out numerous roads.
“They looked at part of the roads and came up with $950,000 and they said that is enough for them to open the door,” Greenwood said.
The roads declared to FEMA, were county roads 63, 127, 131, 129, 147, 152, 179, 153, 135, 67, Riley Road, 69 and 98,
“They don’t believe in putting on band-aids,” Greenwood said. “They will fix the roads where they will be fixed right.
“We have spent $55,000 just to get the roads passable and we still have quite a few roads to work on.”
Greenwood said it will be two more weeks until he hears back from FEMA and another six weeks until they send people back to Socorro County. FEMA would pay for 75 percent of the cost to get the roads fixed, the state would pay 18 percent and the county would be billed for seven percent.
“That’s a good deal anyway you look at it,” said commissioner R.J. Griego.

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