Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sam: ‘I Learn Something Every Day’

By Nathalie Nance
For the Mountain Mail

Tatiana Sam has worked as a Medical Assistant at the Socorro General Medical Group since she graduated in February. She checks patients, runs EKGs, checks vital signs and blood pressure. In addition, she is already working on getting her EMT-certification.
“I learn something every day,” Sam, 25, said.
At the clinic, Sam carries a stethoscope around her neck and she seems perfectly at home.
But the fact is that it has taken her a lot of will and determination to get there.
For nine months Sam commuted daily all the way from the Alamo, where she grew up, to Albuquerque and back, to take her classes. Meanwhile, her mother helped take care of her two young daughters, Sydney, 7, and Kymelia, 3.
“My mom has always been there for me,” Sam said.
Her mother was the one who inspired Sam to choose nursing, as she too is a nurse assistant. And according to Sam, her own girls were also a big motivating factor.
“I wanted to show them that you can do something, and I wanted something better for them” says Sam.
The Alamo Chapter house supported Sam as well, with scholarships and tuition. To leave home on the Alamo reservation to go to school in Albuquerque (at Albuquerque High and Apollo College) isn’t the path most traveled.
“For many, the biggest fear is to move away from home, and it is hard moving away,” Sam said, “but you have to believe in and have faith in yourself.”

Picture: Clinical Lead and Registered Nurse Lynn Major and Practice Administrator Bill Ernst, of Socorro General Medical Group, are happy about their new co-worker, Tatiana Sam (middle).

Photo by Nathalie Nance

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