Thursday, December 17, 2009

Confluence Riverine Park Vandalized

SOCORRO – The Save Our Bosque Task Force and Socorro Ham Radio Operators are offering up a $500 reward.
They want information leading to the conviction of the person or persons who vandalized the Confluence Riverine Park in north Socorro. The park is located near the flood control channel in the north end of the Socorro. “It’s where Water Canyon dumps into the Rio Grande,” said Doug Boykin, the president of the Save our Bosque Task Force.
According to Boykin, a half dozen wood posts that were cemented in the ground were broken and some aluminum cable was stolen. In addition, trash was dumped on the north side of the flood control channel.
“The park was built in 1997 and it has taken a long time to make the transition from a trash dump to a recreation area,” said Boykin, who said there are 15 such picnic areas. “Every once in a while, one of the picnic areas gets hammered.
“We got a report two or three weeks ago of a black Toyota four-wheel pickup doing wheelies in the area. It might have been someone having fun and they lost control of their vehicle during their party. Unfortunately, we could not get a license plate. I am hoping it was accidental but it might have been on purpose. We are going to schedule a repair date in three weeks,” Boykin said. “If anybody would like to donate material or their time to fix the posts, it would be appreciated.”

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