Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LETTER: Homelessness Still Prevalent

As the cold wind blows across the New Mexico landscape, we see small flakes of snow appear, we scramble to bring in an arm load of firewood before it becomes too wet to burn, and before we get the wood stove lit, our furnace kicks on to remove the icy chill from inside our home.
We may have a hot cup of coffee or some other nice warming beverage while we turn on the television, curl up on the sofa, and cover up with a blanket or afghan.
Unfortunately, not all of us have these luxuries, and old man winter can be a devastating foe on these nights. The person without a home takes his or her only blanket, which is threadbare, and curls up with some cardboard or whatever they can find to insulate them from the icy ground. Hopefully, they can find a place that has an overhead cover to keep them dry, and an added bonus would be a wind break.
This is a sad situation, but it most assuredly happens every night here in our state, and all over the U.S.
About 3.5 million Americans, including 1.35 million children, have been homeless for a significant period of time.
What can we do to make things a little better for these weather hardened souls who have fallen on hard times? Perhaps we could help provide them with the necessities that they require to survive.
We at Puerto Seguro make every attempt to do this our resources are often stretched to the limit, and the quality of care we would like to provide is compromised and find ourselves short of supplies such as sleeping bags, blankets, and small tents.
We give these items to help protect our less fortunate clients from these cold winter nights, and we would like to continue to give the public the opportunity to share in this giving experience.
If you have any of these items that may be taking up space in your shed or garage, we would gladly accept them, and all donations are tax deductible.
If you would like to make a cash donation, we would be more than happy to use it to purchase the items we need to help out homeless, and families in need to stay warm through the coming months.
Thank you Socorro, and have a safe, productive, and happy winter,
Duane Baker,
Director, Puerto Seguro Inc.

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