Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LETTER: Board Needs To Be Watched

To the editor
My husband and I were absolutely thrilled to read your opinion piece about SEC in last week's paper. It had looked to us as though neither paper was reporting on the true state of affairs for fear of offending the Co-op, and never receiving any more advertising dollars. They seem to have it pretty well established that you're not going to receive any more any way. Why should they need to advertise at all? It isn't like they have any competition.
But you are oh, so right that the board needs to be watched. I have attended several meetings, and the behavior of this board is appalling.
Thanks for attending the meetings, and thanks for caring.
See you there!
Audrie Clifford

1 comment:

  1. As I understand it, there are still board members who think that the last election wasn't important, and that if only Charlie Wagner would simmer down they would have no problems. These guys can't count. The several hundred people who voted them out on the last election generally feel that the Coop is corrupt and unresponsive -- and we didn't need Charlie Wagner to tell us -- we figured it out by observation of their actions over the past three years.

    Richard Sonnenfeld, Socorro