Friday, November 5, 2010

Socorro County Sheriff's Blotter

Information for the following items was provided by the Socorro County Sheriff’s office.

Aug. 19
A Socorro woman reported at 10 a.m. that she bought a trailer home from the suspect, but when she went to move the trailer, she was stopped by the suspect who stated that she still owed him money for the trailer. She went to title the trailer in her name and learned that he had changed the vehicle identification number and this was not the trailer she had bought. The VIN came back on a different trailer and owner.

Aug, 31
A Socorro woman reported at 7 p.m. that she learned that another woman had taken her medication from her prescription bottles that she had in a dresser drawer. A witness saw the woman take the pills and had called her. The victim said she confronted the other woman who denied the allegation. She said about 137 prescription pills were missing.

Sept. 1
A Los Lunas man reported at 2 p.m. that an unknown suspect had taken the fence from the front gate and property he owned in Polvadera. The burglar then broke open the well house door and took a stainless steel water tank, four electric pumps, a lawn mower and roofing sheets. No suspects at time of report.

Sept. 2
Officers conducting a checkpoint at 6:30 p.m. on Highway 60 learned that a driver had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center. Another driver had an outstanding warrant, and was also driving on a suspended or revoked license with an arrest clause. He was taken to the detention center.

Sept. 5
An officer was dispatched at 12:17 a.m. to Polvadera on the report of a battery. The victim stated she had been battered by the suspect, a Socorro man. The officer met with him and learned he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Next stop: jail.

Sept. 8
An officer responded to a head on crash at 5 p.m. on Farm Market Road. Vehicle 1 was northbound when Vehicle 2 was southbound approaching a curve in roadway and entering the middle of the driving lane. Vehicle 2 struck vehicle 1 head-on in the curve. The driver of vehicle 2, a juvenile, was transported to the hospital where he was treated and released. Both vehicles were towed due to damages. Driver of vehicle 2 was cited for careless driving.

A woman in Veguita reported at 8 p.m. that she got into an argument with the suspect and after she left their residence he chased after her. When he saw her calling the police he took off.
A Lemitar man reported at 9 p.m. that he received a harassing phone call from the suspect stating that if he doesn’t lie to an insurance company about an injury he sustained, he would cause bodily harm and take his wallet. No contact with suspect at time of report.

Sept. 9
A man from Cedar Crest reported at 12:15 p.m. that unknown suspects came into their campsite at White Water Canyon and took plastic with clothing. He said the clothes were marked and the plastic bins were clear. He said that a couple of hunters were in the area but did not know if they took the items. No suspects at time of report.

An officer was dispatched at 5:15 p.m. to San Lorenzo Road in Veguita in regards to a civil standby. The victim wanted to remove her clothing and personal items from the residence, and the suspect was sitting on the couch. When the victim walked to the back, he followed her and became very argumentative and threatening. The officer advised him to calm down and let her get her belongings. On leaving the home the suspect started swinging wildly and struck the deputy. He was placed under control, arrested and placed in a patrol unit. The officer returned to the residence and upon exiting noticed that the suspect had gotten out of the unit. He was deposited back into the unit and taken to jail.

Sept. 12
A man in Lemitar reported at 6:40 p.m. that an unknown suspect kicked his door open and took an amplifier, speaker and wiring. The victim is to do an inventory and give it to the Sheriff’s Department. No suspects at time of report.

Sept. 16
A Luis Lopez man reported at 7 a.m. that he had hired a woman from Belen to clean his home while he was out. When he returned home he found that she was gone, as well as his car. The officer learned that the woman had been arrested on an outstanding warrant and the vehicle had been towed to a wrecker yard. The woman admitted to taking the vehicle.

Sept. 18
A man in Magdalena reported at 5 p.m. that an unknown suspect had entered the property and had taken a 16 foot Prairie model utility trailer and a Honda model generator. No suspects at time of report.

Sept, 19
An officer was dispatched at 12:30 p.m. to San Juan Road in Veguita on a domestic. It was learned that the suspect had fled from the location. The officer had prior knowledge of the suspect and waited for him at his residence. The suspect was seen running toward his residence, and the officer yelled for him to stop and he was arrested on an active warrant. He was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center.

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