Friday, November 5, 2010

OPINION: Fall Follies And Fun With Lucy Pino

Magdalena Potluck
By Margaret Wilshire

The party on the library deck for Lucy Pino was a great deal of fun. Magdalena really knows how to throw a pot luck. Busy people, friends and not friends getting together, sharing. It’s a grand thing. I did my Yankee take on New Mexico’s posole and got away with it. I’m beginning to feel like an old timer.
Lucy Pino seemed pleased with our humble thanks and made a thoughtful comment. Volunteers make things happen and keep good things going. The people of Magdalena who volunteer, who donate, who participate make this the warm, friendly, vibrant and alive village that we are.
We don’t have millions, billions or trillions, what we have is priceless and no one can tax that away, no one can bank the profits. Cynicism and inertia will always keep some people at home, imprisoned in their thoughts and taking their antidepressants. I know, been there, done that. Magdalena makes a haven for them too.
Before the party on the deck Saturday, I watched the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the Comedy Channel. Tears hit my eyes three times. When the Four Troops did the national anthem, when Yosef (Cat Stevens) started to sing Peace Train and when America the Beautiful was sung by Tony Bennet. For those who had the courage and/or interest to watch the rally only two things got slammed. Bigotry and the media that incites fear and bigotry for ratings and for some, a career.
Bigotry is the most un-American thing I can think of. A bigoted American (USA American) is an oxymoron. There is more to being one of US(of A) then being born here or taking a test. If you don’t know “All are Created Equal”, you are a real alien.
On the whole it was a quiet rally, sane and peaceful, and allowed all of us to keep our fears or reevaluate them. It even had some slow moments as a show. It did celebrate Americans and our right, no matter who we are, to be patriotic even if we know we are not perfect. Actually you are more perfectly American (USA) IF you know we are not perfect.
Speaking of imperfection, I’m writing this the day before the elections. I do hope you will have voted no matter how hard or easy it is for you. By the time you read this you will know if the polls have been right or not. How predictable are we? I like the fact we have the right not to be predictable even though we are.
Unfortunately, another predictable thing about us is that we won’t pay attention to our government when it is back at “work”.
I don’t know if “We the People” control our government at all any more. This is my fear. I do know we could still watch if we wanted, hold people accountable and give them grief if we wanted. They count on inertia, that we are a body at rest and inclined to stay that way.
In China Opium was dispersed and encouraged to keep people at rest as they were taken advantage of. In the US our television sets and even our phones do that. Some mind numbing snack food will insure obesity and encourage a difficulty in functioning. All this is brought to you by multi-nationals. They only want you off the couch for shopping trips, certainly not to go to work.
The winner in this election will be the Trickle Down Economy and the names of those who will give you this don’t really matter.
Trickle Down Economy has a long and very old history. From the first tribal chiefs, kings, lords and land owners. It is such an old economic concept it has the disease of the elderly. The Trickle Down Economy tends towards constipation.
Have you tried for a car loan lately? We have. If it weren’t for a Mexican Bank we’d be asking you for a ride.
This holiday season send your favorite multi-national a gift. Their higher than ever profits seem to be clogging the system. What to give those who have everything, prunes.
“Raise havoc and let slip the dogs of war” says Shakespeare. In real history I know bigots and the greedy never win for long. If our wonderful country goes that way for a while it won’t last, it never has. I hope we spare ourselves the shame and embarrassment that some have gone through because of a government their countries had once.
Before you dig in for the winter, get out and enjoy Magdalena and Socorro County. It will make you stronger.
Magdalena Thanksgiving at the school Tuesday, Nov. 23, 11am til 1pm, bring a desert to share. Thank you Magdalena.

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