Thursday, October 28, 2010

LETTER: No Dog Pound In Socorro

Dear Editor,
Did you know that Socorro does not have a dog pound?  Socorro has an animal shelter.  It is not just a place to take care of physical needs of abandoned or lost dogs.  Shelter implies something greater.  It says to me that the concern is with emotional and mental health as well. 
Being taken from your accustomed environment and placed in a cage is very stressful.  It happens mostly to animals four months or older, no longer cute babies.  Those old enough to create mischief and who have not received basic training fro whatever reason.  These animals are not wild.  They are totally dependent on humans.
In order to reduce their stress and to make our shelter animals more adoptable we need volunteers to give a few minutes of positive reinforcement consistently and often.
We can do better for them.  Please call 838-3103 to learn how you can volunteer.

Dorothy Brook

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