Thursday, October 28, 2010

EDITORIAL: Where To From Here When All Seems Lost?

Just Thinking Out Loud
By Gary Jaramillo

Everyday the onslaught of horrible commercials from both sides never stop coming – they never stop with their terrible deep cuts and cruel slashes upon one another. They talk about how absolutely low and despicable their opponents are in every way possible. They say that these people we have elected in the primaries have done nothing of any value in their lives, and not one iota of good can be found in who they are and what they stand for.
Our children look at the television in total frightened confusion because the role models that they are supposed to mold their young lives after have fallen to their knees in the mud, dirt and sludge, wrestling in the gross and absurd lies and filth that has become the political way in our nation. It’s America at its lowest point in centuries. It hurts. Our children must watch this barbaric live gutting of one another in an arena of shame and horror.
Every side of the political spectrum has turned our country into a virtual massacre. Gone is respect for one another. Gone is the adult way of conversing and working out those things to which we disagree. People are carrying guns to rallies and holding up signs of Hitler and other, horrific people. Even more disturbing are those people who are calling our very own elected officials by those names and teaching our children that that is the way to gather and teach about our National Political System.
I wonder, are we really the most evolved animals walking the earth? Do we really have the compassion that we say wild animals lack? Have we really come so far as to offer our hand in understanding to another, instead of warning that if the election doesn’t turn out to our liking, we should bear arms to make the changes we want through violence? Where did we all become okay with these kind of blatant words and actions by others who are obviously very sick.
We can vote. It’s one of the most wonderful things that is given to us as United States citizens. Other countries average voting percentage is upwards of 98%. But we can barely get to 30% in most small cities in America. How shameful is that? Some say they care enough to kill their neighbors if the vote doesn’t turn out the way they like it. Yet when asked if they voted in the last election, they say “NO”.
What the hell is wrong with this country?
This Tuesday, go out and vote for who you think can help you. But listen to those who actually have a plan and also to those who are just kicking up the political craziness and hoping to slow our countries progress even more. They are easy to find, and they live in every political party. Listen to what they all say, then look around and ask yourself which one is lying and which one is just jerking your chain.
This election has to be about common sense and respect for one another. You all know who’s done what – So vote your convictions and walk away with a smile and maybe even a hand shake for the next person in line behind you. Now that’s American!

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  1. Although I live here in Austria... a US citizen living abroad .... I am able to read many US paper daily online. I found your news paper through my daughter, Rebecca Rose. :O))

    I have never come across such a great editorial article about the political process in the USA now. Mr. Gary Jaramillo deserves a Pulitzer Price for it.

    I voted, now you all go out and vote too, everybody please!!