Thursday, October 14, 2010

EDITORIAL: Be One Of“The People That I Meet”

By Rebecca Rose
Mountain Mail Editor

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of covering Alamo Days at Alamo Navajo Reservation, along with Mountain Mail correspondent Nathalie Nance. It was one of the most beautiful days I can recall in my life.  The air smelled like chile and wood fires; the sky was an almost sapphire blue.  Later on in the weekend, I ventured to the Plaza for SocorroFest, and spent the day shopping and walking with my dog, Charlie.  
Then something happened that sort of surprised me.  People were approaching me, who already knew me, and had taken the time to learn who I was.  They wanted to ask how I was enjoying Socorro, how I was finding my way around the community, and what kinds of things I was doing with my free time. (Mostly I spend my time trying to teach Charlie that I cannot run 50mph behind him whenever he spots a squirrel).  Most surprisingly, people wanted to know more about me.
I want to return the gesture.
This week, I spoke at great length to the actors and director of “Bless Me, Ultima”, a play that depicts the changing landscape of New Mexico during a pivotal time in history. Almost everyone from the cast as unanimous in their admiration for how Rudolph Anaya had managed to perfectly capture a picture of a time and place that quite simply no longer exists.  Then, just yesterday morning, I got an email from a researcher in Seattle, WA, trying to locate a story about an unsolved crime from over a hundred years ago. He wanted to have a chance to look at our archives, to unlock a mystery
Our paper serves not just as a way of getting the news to the citizens of Catron and Socorro Counties. It’s also a valuable record of the town, its unique culture and history. As journalists, writers and publishers, we have a responsibility to help preserve that. 
Starting next week, every issue will feature “People I Meet”, a chronicle of the residents (and visitors) I am fortunate enough to come in contact with here in Socorro. The stories will be short and sweet, and always feature a photo.  I want to know the people are who I see everyday, working in businesses or government offices, or shopping in the plaza. I want to know where they come from, and best of all, what they like about being in Socorro. 
So if you see me out and about in town, looking like I’m lost or being dragged at breakneck speeds by a large black dog, please stop and say hi. 
I promise, Charlie does not bite. 

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