Thursday, October 14, 2010

Contracts Awarded to Safeguard Socorro County Mines

Mountain Mail Reports

SOCORRO – Earlier this week, the Mining and Minerals Division awarded contracts to several construction companies to safeguard mines across the state, including 9 in Socorro County.
“These projects will help ensure the safety of visitors to the area and preserve the integrity of historic mining districts,” said Bill Brancard, Director of the Mining and Minerals Division.
$88,608 was awarded to the St. Cloud Mining Company in Winston to work on the Socorro mines.  The contract also specifies the closure of an opening to protect a bat habitat underground.  The mines in Socorro produced manganese for the Strategic Stockpiling Program during the 1950s and 1960s.
New Mexico’s Abandoned Mine Land Program works across the state to identify dangerous abandoned mine areas and to abate the hazards. There are over 15,000 mine hazards that need safeguarding, according to the Mining and Minerals Division.   coal production. Since 1981, the program has closed nearly 4,000 mine openings, identified as hazardous or dangerous to visitors.

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