Friday, August 13, 2010

Man Arrested In Pharmacy Break-in

By John Larson

SOCORRO - Anthony Padilla, 37, of Socorro, was arrested Saturday, Aug. 7 in connection with a break-in at the pharmacy in Smith’s Supermar-ket.
Padilla, who had been released from jail after making bail for a robbery at Penner and Associates accounting business, was arraigned Monday on two burglary counts and one charge of larceny.
Police responded to the burglary call at 1:08 a.m. after a Smith’s employee had reported that a man was locked in the pharmacy.
Officer Dennis Sedillo, along with two other officers, recognized the subject behind the pharmacy counter as Anthony Padilla.
According to the criminal complaint, Sedillo asked Padilla to come out to the front.
“At this time [Padilla] sat down behind the counter,” the complaint said.
Two of the officers then went under the locked gate and were able to handcuff Padilla, who had crawled over the counter. Padilla was arrested and incarcerated at the Socorro County Detention Center.
In the meantime, officers inspected the shipping and receiving area of the store and found a back door slightly open. The store manager was contacted and played the security videos for the officers.
The video showed Padilla coming into the store and taking two 30 packs of beer back out through the open door, the complaint said.
Then Padilla was seen crawling under the closed pharmacy gate and going over the counter.
Officers found the beer in the back, as well as three syringes, a tube of super glue, and a red bandana on a chair next to the closed pharmacy gate.
Anthony Padilla is being held in the Socorro County Detention Center in lieu of a $100,000 cash or surety bond.

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