Friday, August 13, 2010

Herbal Vet Workshop Scheduled For Magdalena

By John Larson

MAGDALENA – When a medical or veterinary emergency arises in a rural setting such as our wide open spaces of Socorro or Catron counties, knowing first aid make a big difference in the healing.
There will be a workshop from 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21 at the High Country Lodge to help people learn how herbal first aid for both animals and people.
The class, sponsored by The Grizz Project, is given by Judyth Shamosh, Ph.D., a medical herbalist with over 30 years experience.
“Most first aid boxes are just a lot of band aids, tapes and aspirin, but nothing really to do anything other than bandaging,” Shamosh said.
She said attendees will be able to learn what to do to stabilize situations such as snake bites; shock and hemorrhaging; cuts, wounds or burns; and insect bites and stings, among others.
“We emphasize that this is not a replacement for a doctor or conventional medicine,” Shamosh said. “What we’re advocating is that we can actually treat many minor emergencies with herbal remedies, especially when you live far from immediate medical or veterinary help.”
Shamosh, a part time resident of Magdalena, also runs Greenfingers Herbal Medical Clinic in Phoenix, and has been treating patients with herbal remedies for many years.
“I’ve used these remedies on my horses, even treating severe ulcers using herbal medicine,” she said. “A good example happened just this morning here in Magdalena. My dog had a bad dog fight. I put together some herbs in a salve I had.”
She said the remedy stopped the bleeding and “the wound didn’t look so angry.”
The same remedies work well on people, she said.
“They can learn stuff they never thought of asking about,” Shamosh said.
To register for the class contact Ann Bending at 505-681-7918, or email alawtonbending@
The cost is $20 for Grizz Project members; $25 for non members.

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