Thursday, July 15, 2010

OPINION: Nothing Like The Farmer’s Market

Just thinking Out Loud...
By Gary Jaramillo

On Tuesday night, I happened to be going to the post office after we closed the Mountain Mail for the day and noticed a really big crowd at the Farmer’s Market on the plaza.
It was kind of this instantaneous feeling of small town America together in the shade enjoying the conversation and opportunity to buy goods from friends and neighbors. Everything that was on the plaza for sale looked to be of the highest quality and everyone was in a really neat mood. I had to run back to the office and grab my camera.
You see, it’s the small things that make all the difference in our lives as a little community. So many people willing to help one another and volunteer and make life long friendships.
The tomatoes and carrots and other fine things that are sold in the plaza on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings are just some of the wonderful things that bring us all together. I have to say, it was a very festive mood. Kind of like a mini fiesta of sorts.
It gave me a warm feeling and was one of those special moments in my life where everything was perfect. If only the world could come to our little farmers market for a half hour – perhaps all would be well across the globe? Oh well, a guy can dream.
All I know is how very special it felt to see my friends and neighbors (some who I haven’t met yet) having a wonderful evening shopping and talking and laughing while keeping an eye on the little ones playing and running round in the cool evening grass.
For a moment I was back in 1965 walking with my grandparents in the park during Fiestas. I even had a millisecond there where I could honestly smell some of the old smells, and hear some of the old sounds from my childhood days. What wonder and simplicity back then. But, I can truly say without any hesitance that last night in the here and now, my feelings were just as strong in my heart and mind as they were back in 1965. Thank God for people who are thoughtful enough and work hard to grow everything and make the Farmer’s Market and other local events something we can all enjoy. And thank God for all of those wonderful earth grown goodies for us to buy and cook up back at the house.
I had one of those moments at the plaza yesterday that I seem to cherish more and more as I grow older. I think we all do, and that’s such a great gift. To remember smells, sounds, voices and fabulous times in our lives, and to somehow connect them with the joys we feel from time to time in the present, is just too neat.
I think any reason to get people together in the plaza is cool – but the Farmer’s Market is really hard to beat. The harvest is not out in the garden and fields - it’s at the plaza where neighbors are picking new friends from a great crop. By the way – my favorite veggie is Steamed Brussel Sprouts with butter, pepper and a touch of garlic. Oh man ….. I just drooled on my VB and N keys. If you miss the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings you’re depriving yourself of a really wonderful time – with some really wonderful people.
Here’s one of my recipes : Cut up two nice sized Yellow Squash, add them to sautéed onions and a teaspoon of garlic, a little salt and pepper, then add a half cup fresh green Chile (of your “heat” liking) – add ¼ cup water and mix – cover for 8 minutes under medium heat – then let sit for 10 minutes. You’re done. Crisp a tortilla on the stove - then serve some up and wrap into that tortilla and sit there and enjoy heaven on earth.
Really!! Total Heaven on Earth. Tah Dah! Dang – more drool!

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  1. You talk of enjoying the tortilla as Heaven on Earth.
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