Thursday, July 8, 2010

LETTER: Streets In Rio Grande Estates

To the editor,
On Sunday evening, July 4th, the call came in from a Socorro County Deputy looking for a resident on Beatrice near Escobar in Rio Grande Estates. Could I help?
A month ago at the June 8th meeting of the Board of County Commission under New Business, Item 8i, the vacation of roads in Rio Grande Estates was introduced. The County Manager together with the County Attorney announced to all in attendance that "these roads do not exist". Many residents, taxpayers in northern Socorro County have been requesting street signs so that emergency vehicles can determine Adam from Eve. Delilah Walsh as County Manager is tired of handling these complaints and her easiest way out is to state to the world: "these roads do not exist". I am thankful to Commissioner Monette for offering me the opportunity to address the Board. Simply put, "if you vacate them, you will be inviting a lawsuit".
I wouldn't be surprised if someone else files suit first. When the County requested my assistance six years ago in determining the legal descriptions of the parcels with the illegal tire dumps, it was the existence of these roads, as shown on plats, and the existence of the original surveyed metal pipes at the ends of these roads that allowed me to file my report, a report that sat on the back burner of the County for six years before they decided to act.
I have but one vote for a County Commissioner and he didn't show up at the June 8th meeting. I don't have a vote on the hiring of a County Manager. It is past due time, however, that Delilah Walsh got to work, and placed the road signs in Rio Grande Estates. One of these days when the signs are still not present, an emergency will happen and someone will die due to the failure of a timely response to an address the respondents can't find. Is the County Manager, and the Board, ready for the suit that will follow?

Tom Kimball

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  1. Maybe if the folks up North paid more in taxes for their property, there would be more money for the supplies and manpower to erect and maintain the roads and signs... When you opt for a slower, quieter life in the 'country,' you make the decision that you'll need to provide a few more things for yourself as compared to the city dwellers. Mr. Kimball needs to either pay more in tax for more services, or move to another county....His choice!

  2. How many lots are in Rio Grande Estates? There must be thousands. I own one and pay $5 property tax per year. How much does the County receive from all these $5 payments made year after year after year for the last 50 or so years? From what I can see no improvements of any kind have been made. No roads(or road signs),no power,no water. If these necessities were there, people might actually build a house. WOW, what a concept.

    1. Most of us are paying taxes on property that we can do NOTHING WITH OR CAN'T FIND!!!