Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fire Update At The Cibola Forest

Mountain Mail Reports
The Cibola National Forest, Magdalena Ranger District received widespread lighting on Saturday, June 26, 2010. The Wood wildfire was detected on Sunday, June 27 and is located 13 miles northwest of Datil in the Datil Mountains. Smoke can be seen from US Highway 60 west of Datil.
The Wood wildfire is approximately 20 acres in size.
The fire is burning in primarily Ponderosa pine, piƱon juniper, grass and steep rocky terrain. This naturally ignited wildland fire is being managed for resource benefit, with the primary objective to provide for the health and safety of firefighters and the public. The resource benefit strategy allows wildfire to function ecologically within a fire dependent ecosystem.
This Wood Fire will remain active until weather patterns established over the region receive enough precipitation to extinguish the fire. The Forest Service will continue to monitor and patrol the fire.
The following Stage 1 Fire and Smoking restrictions remain in place on the Magdalena Ranger District:
• Campfires, charcoal grill and stoves fires are prohibited on national forest lands except in Forest Service developed camp and picnic grounds where grills are provided.
• Pressurized liquid or gas stoves, lanterns and heaters meeting safety specifications are allowed.
• Smoking is allowed within an enclosed vehicle or building; a developed recreation site; or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter and free of all flammable materials.
For more information about current fire activity or fire restrictions please call the Magdalena Ranger District at 575-854-2281, or visit the Cibola National Forest website at:

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