Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Timer’s Reunion Plans ‘Coming Together’

By John Larson

MAGDALENA – Preparations are underway for the 40th Annual Old Timer’s Reunion Weekend coming up July 9-10-11, and the Magdalena Village Board Monday night approved some of the funding for needed renovations to the rodeo grounds area.
Old Timer’s coordinator Donna Dawson said some repairs need and asked the board for help with the cost.
“We have a replacement swamp cooler, donated by Charlotte and Chad Perkins, for the Arts and Crafts building, but need to pay a plumber or somebody to install it,” Dawson said. “Also there may be a need for new doors to the building if they cannot be repaired. So we may have to buy new doors.”
The board asked about security around the barbecue pit, and Dawson said the pit needs to be re-lined with concrete.
“The steel lining is badly warped and needs to be replaced. A permanent concrete lining is one option,” she said. “We also will be installing a permanent fence around the pit for safety’s sake. It would have to have one side that can be taken down to make room for the backhoe. We’re waiting for an estimate right now.”
Dawson said the grandstand will need to be repaired in places, including the roof.
“Otherwise everything is coming together,” she said.
The Old Timer’s schedule is virtually unchanged from last year. The Murillo Brothers will be playing for the street dance, and music for the Saturday night dance at the school’s Fine Arts Building will be provided by DJ Heavy C Carlos Vega.
In other Village Board business:
• Mayor Sandy Julian has given Magdalena residents permission to burn weeds and dry grass on their properties on any day between now and June 30. “This is what I want, to make sure everything is cleaned up and ready for Old Timer’s,” Julian said. “This needs to be done before the Fourth of July.
“With so many people shooting fireworks off there will be less dry weds to catch fire.” Fire Chief Art Rauschenberg suggested the village try to acquire 50 gallon drums for stashing dry weeds “that could be burned later within the confined space.” He said he would look into how to locate the needed number of barrels.
• The board named Ed Sweeney the new Emergency Services Coordinator on the recommendation of Rauschenberg.
• The board approved the appointment of members to the Lodgers Tax Advisory Committee: Bonnie Decker, Danielle Fitzpatrick, Demaris Jents, Laura Kerr and Lori Scholes.
• The board voted to allot $2,000 in Lodgers Tax money for the advertising of the Single Action Society’s New Mexico State Championship to be held on property owned by Rancho Magdalena in September. The event is sponsored by the Magdalena Trail Drivers.
• The board approved the purchase of four bullet proof vests for the Marshal’s office, and a water cooler for Municipal Court,
• The board approved the appointment of members to the Library Board: Bruce Holsapple, Clara Lucero, Bryan Romkey, Susan Stolfa and Don Wiltshire.
• Joint Utilities Director Steve Bailey reported that two speed bumps have been installed at Tenth and Main at the request of Mayor Julian.

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