Thursday, June 17, 2010

LETTER: Why Not SunZia Windmills?

To the editor
OKAY—I JUST DON’T GET IT! Is there really any VALID REASON for running all the proposed transmission lines all over the landscape? I thought that was the way power was transported “yesterday.”
There are LOTS of wide-open spaces and high winds in ALL OF THE AREAS shown on the recent map. So why not build SunZia wind turbines adjacent to the locations to be served. Certainly, large windmill presence can’t be anymore unsightly than multiple transmission lines.
Integration with existing electrical power should be planned in all locations to permit backup service in the event 1) the wind levels are reduced; and 2) service requirements exceed availability at peak levels. Having a local base of service also permits additional turbines when and if the local population grows.
I’m probably “odd person out” but it appears to me lots of lines with few proposed sub-stations is the wrong direction.

My Voice in the Electrical Wilderness,
Andrea Blodgett


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