Friday, June 4, 2010

LETTER: Question About Discrimination

To the editor
Are Hispanic people the only ones who are not allowed to be insulted as alleged re: Charlie Wagner’s comments as purported by “Pablo” Martinez, director of LULAC, and condemned by the SEC board of directors?
I, and the other 16 member-owners who attended the Wednesday SEC meeting, were insulted by the board’s lawyer, Dennis Francish (whose salary is paid by the member owners) by being referred to as “wannabes who want to be involved but can’t get elected (to the board)” Does he infer we are stupid, inept or – what?
Mr. Francish owes us an apology for his disrespect; the board should have reacted to his negative, slanderous statement by censoring his remarks. By letting his statement go unchallenged, they are accepting the rude statement that characterizes us unfairly.
The member-owners are frustrated at the negative dismissal and total lack of acceptance of our overwhelming vote to make changes to the SEC board and the way it conducts itself. That does not qualify us as “wannabes.”
We have been discriminated against and are owed an apology.

Ruth White


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