Thursday, April 8, 2010

LETTER: More SEC Tricks Perhaps?

Dear Editor,
This morning, we spoke to Eileen Latasa at the Socorro Electric Co-op office about the upcoming election. Mrs. Latasa confirmed a rumor that we had heard that no ballots and no voting machines would be used during the registration part of the Annual Members' Meeting as is usually the case. Instead there will be voting by a show of hands during the Business part of the meeting at 7 p.m. Who is going to count the hands?
This appears to be another trick by the Board of Trustees to dilute the vote and reject the propositions and recommendations of the member-owners. When we asked how this had come about, Mrs. Latasa informed us that the board agreed to do this at the request of Trustee Charlie Wagner. Not only does Mr. Wagner deny having made such a request, the board will never, ever go along with his wishes. He can't even get a second to his motions. He does say that he told them that the board added options, comments, and mutilation of the member propositions could not be made into a proper ballot. Most co-ops in the county do vote during the business session of member meetings but when has Socorro Electric ever done so? This change was not voted on at an open meeting of the Board of Trustees.
This last minute, unannounced change to the voting times and procedure is being done in order to create confusion and discourage members from attending and voting.
What can we do? Go to Finley Gym about 6:30 p.m. (in case they change their minds and have voting machines) register, and stay to vote the member propositions through overwhelmingly. Let your opinion be heard.

Charlene West, Lemitar
Audrie Clifford, Socorro

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