Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LETTER: Hotels Want Their Fair Share

To the editor:
Monopoly is a board game in which one player tries to gather all of the wealth. That seems to be what our mayor is trying to do in real life.
Mayor Ravi Bhasker and New Mexico Tech president Daniel Lopez have an ongoing agreement to have all “First Responders” and other special guests receive their lodging at the establishments owned by Bhasker.
This “agreement” has left other hotel/motel owners in town in a state of limbo. The only time we see any of the First Responders is when there is “no room at the Inn.”
The Holiday Inn that is; or the Best Western.
As the General Manager of the Econo Lodge, I find it rather interesting that neither I nor other hotel/motel owners have been given the opportunity to receive a percentage of the economic boost that all of us need and are entitled to. Forgive me for being obvious, but it is my understanding that the job of the mayor is look out for the good of the community. It is his job to spread the wealth among the community, including providing income for the people who are the lifeblood of this community.
My name is Richard Torres and I know that I can and will provide equal, if not superior service to the First Responders. The Econo Lodge rooms are just as comfortable, the breakfast has a wide variety and is just as high quality and my staff is equally knowledgeable and attentive to guests’ needs. The rates at the Econo Lodge are lower than any of the rates at the mayor’s hotels. This is something that should be taken into consideration in these tough economic times. Each hotel/motel pay Lodger’s Taxes in this town, so why shouldn’t we benefit from the First Responders?
I may be one voice, but I believe I speak for many. The hotels/motels in this community provide many jobs that help feed many families. It is time we take a stand for what we believe in: Our Hometown. I want the mayor to know that we have had enough! We deserve our fair share!
Richard Torres
General Manager/Econo Lodge

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