Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rodeo Thanks; Fair Time; Chicken Fry; Raffle News

Luna News
By Kay Mindar

Two weeks ago I wrote about how Catron County officially got its name. My goal was to spark interest and I received friendly feedback and even more valuable information from some folks around here. Searching a little deeper; as my space here is very limited; I have found that the earlier history of this area includes the Mimbres culture. This being part of the Mogollon people that lived throughout this region where Catron County sits today.
They are historically noted for their beautiful art. It is later that we find Sergeant James C. Cooney being the first person to discover silver and gold ore in the area. He was reportedly killed by the Chiricahua Apaches in what has come to be known as the Alma Massacre which is was said to be led by the warrior and chief Victorio whom history shows began riding with Geronimo who had several hideouts in the county.
There are also accounts that Butch Cassidy and his wild bunch hid out at a ranch near Alma around the turn of the century. Another notorious and infamous outlaw Tom Ketchum was noted to have lived in Catron County. The latter history here is rich and is indicative of many places in the real Wild West complete with gunfights, shootouts, massacres, and gold mines. A deeper history research will take you far back to ancient Indian tribes and a time line that leads you eventually to the Spaniards and true early settlers of the area, which to this day is the largest county in New Mexico and larger than some of the eastern states in the U.S.
Thank You Luncheon
The annual “Thank You Luncheon” for everyone who helped with the Luna rodeo was held last Saturday afternoon at the arena. There were about 50 present and the rain held back long enough for all who worked so hard to socialize, relax and have a great time.
Fair Time
The Catron County Fair is this week in Reserve. Our 4-H and many talented community members have been working tirelessly to be prepared for the event. We will work to post the winners in the different events and exhibits from Luna as soon as they are available. We will recognize those who will go on to the state fair competitions. This Saturday there are two buyers clubs available to help the 4-H kids raise money by buying selected animals. Please contact Joyce Laney for more information.
Annual Chicken Fry
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Luna Ward annual chicken fry will be at 5 p.m. with cooking to begin at 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5, in the Church parking lot. All are welcomed and invited, please bring cut and defrosted chicken pieces and a side dish for a great meal and social. This will be Labor Day weekend and we welcome family and friends visiting to come and join the fun.
Luna Historical Society
The old Luna School and Church building is back to getting much needed improvements to the siding of the building and we appreciate the donations that have made the work going forward possible.
Luna Community Center
The Community Center board will elect officers at the 7 p.m. September 10 meeting. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month and all are invited to attend. We appreciate the locals who put so much of their time and talents into keeping the building running smoothly and the County Managers for their help in maintenance and repair that keep our old building useable. There is a lot of history in that building from it being used as a school, to Forest Service offices, to hosting community, club and church events.
Community Yard Sale
September’s community center yard sale will run three days over Labor Day weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be more tables including bake sale items and produce as gardens are coming into season. Tables are still available for $3 each. Contact Diana Moyers for more information.
Lunatic Stitchers Raffle
The Lunatic Stitchers quilt raffle will be held after Labor Day. Tickets are still available from any of the stitchers. Proceeds are used for improvements each year for our community center and we appreciate the hard work and effort this group contributes.
Preparedness Corner
Due to the current economic demands orders for an added canning session on Friday, Oct. 2, will be taken through this Sunday. The next orders will be due by September 27 for canning sessions October 23 and 24 and for the last canning session of 2009 orders will be due by October 25 for December 4 and 5’s canning dates. Please contact Joyce Laney for more information.
Quote of the Week
“Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.”
– Oscar Wilde

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