Thursday, August 27, 2009

Magdalena’s New City Hall Ready For ‘Grand Opening’

By John Larson
MAGDALENA – Mayor Jim Wolfe reported to the Village Board Monday night that the new municipal building will be ready for occupancy within the next two weeks.
“We’re making progress on the building slowly. We should be in there by the next Village Board meeting,” Wolfe said. “The building is already approved for occupancy but some lighting fixtures and fire alarms have yet to be installed.”
Clerk Rita Broaddus said she was in the process of planning a “grand opening” ceremony for late September or early October.
“The ceremony will be for the new building, and the expanded library, which will take over the entire depot building,” Broaddus said. “Also, the Friends of the Library is putting in a botanical garden on the west side of the depot.”
In other business:
* In a 3-1 vote, the board approved the purchase of a motorized gurney for the village EMS. Cynthia Welton said it was something they needed for a long time. “Most accidents with EMTs have to do with lifting,” Welton said. “It gets to the point where we could really be hurting ourselves trying to move patients around.” Broaddus said the $10,598 for the gurney would come out of the ambulance fund.
* The board voted to allow the village to vacate a portion of Twelfth Street. Broaddus said the action would have to take the form of an ordinance, and that First Consideration will be at the next meeting.
* The board voted to allow the Village to spend $250 to host a lunch Sept. 15 for participants in the 18th Annual Multi-Cultural Red Ribbon Relay run sponsored by the Alamo Navajo Community.
* The board approved a request from Marshal Larry Cearley to spend $2,500 to purchase a surplus Ford Expedition to replace the office’s black Crown Victoria.
* The board approved the hiring of Manuel Monte to be a fulltime Marshal’s deputy.
* In reviewing the minutes from the last meeting, Broaddus confirmed that the final new water increase will go into effect in March 2010.

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