Thursday, December 16, 2010

Declamation Winners

Pictured are the winners of the Socorro County Declamation Contest held at the Fine Arts Center at Magdalena Schools on Dec. 2. Humorous Poetry: Elena Gonzales, 1st Place; Alexandric Martinez, 2nd Place; Andre Gonzales, 3rd Place. Serious Poetry: Miceta Gallegos, 1st Place; Rose Carilli, 2nd Place; Will Montoya, 3rd Place. Humorous Prose: Weston Tomlinson, 1st Place; Autumn Bjorkland, 2nd Place; Christopher Thornton, 3rd Place. Serious Prose: Jorrell Mirabal, 1st Place; Jack Lee, 2nd Place; Asjah Apachito, 3rd Place.

Courtesy photo  

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