Thursday, August 19, 2010

OPINION: What’s Going On Around Here At The Co-op?

Just Thinking Out Loud
By Gary Jaramillo

Have elected officials across the country gone absolutely nuts? What the hell is going on with the people that we all knew and really thought would take care of our well being? Where did those people go that we were so positive would do such a super job for us? Well, I hate to say it – but – they’ve all gone plumb crazy – and greedy. Democrats and Republicans alike.
What the hell is going on at the SEC? While the field services men and women of the Coop are out there doing a super job keeping all of us in sparks, the big wigs in the building on Manzaneras are running what I call “a clusterpluck” – if ya know what I mean? What in the wide world of sports is a going on in our neck of the woods? Has the water made these people go completely crazy? Now that the board has found a couple of scapegoats, I bet they’re feeling pretty great about themselves and they’re thinking that this is going to help them dodge the cork that’s about to leave the pop gun. Well - hey Pendehos – it’s not!
This SEC thing is not going to end pretty. It’s all about smart asses leading jackasses to slaughter. You just can’t do what these people have done and get away with it – in the end. You just can’t! It may take awhile, but those kind of people always get caught. And the sad thing is, I’m afraid some really harmless office opportunists decided to go along with all of the shenanigans because they were told by someone who’s been puttin’ it to us for a long time, “who’s gonna know?” “Trust me”. Hmmmm.
This sort of thing has been going on here in our area for decades. Good people get stomped because they bring bad things to light and are called trouble makers. Believe me, I know oh so well. But we don’t have to wish bad things to happen upon the elected officials, just give them a minute and they take care of stupidity all by themselves.
Take a look at Bernalillo County and Albuquerque going through nepotism craziness in just about every department around. These donkeys know that it’s illegal to hire or work for family members in government entities, but they do it anyway.
Now there are rumblings going around Socorro that there is a nepotism problem in progress at the Socorro Fire Department. I really hope it isn’t true because the department has gone through enough as far as raises (or the lack thereof), ridiculously irregular shifts and crucial equipment in desperate need of repair.
The last thing our firefighter/EMTs need is an unfair family advantage coming from the Mayor and Chiefs office. What the hell ever happened to right and wrong.
If there is a written nepotism policy that says it’s illegal and unfair to have family members working for and under another family member, steps should be immediately taken to remedy the situation. But, the more things change the more they sadly stay the same, that is – until a town stands up like we did against the Coop - and says ENOUGH! We’ll be doing a more in depth investigation into this possible nepotism thing at the Fire House real soon.
I’m not saying that all elected officials are bad people who don’t care because I know some fine, honest and caring people in office in our county and around the state, but there are some lost souls who have forgotten why they ran for office in the first place.
Not only in Socorro, but sadly all across the state – and what’s really terrible is, the bigger they get, the more people they hurt. The best and only way to deter someone who is obviously in it for themselves from the start, is for all of us to demand term limits.
Anyone in power for too long is dangerous and a huge risk to all of us and our futures. How many more hometown kids that want to raise their families here are we going to lose because their parents and neighbors didn’t have the guts to stand up to the ruthless actions of a few cruel people in power who believe that they have inherited everything. We must not ever forget that “we, the taxpayers” run this show, and we own it too!


The Socorro General Hospital’s CASA Alegre Program held the graduation ceremony at Sedillo Park for youngsters transitioning into the school program. The Mountain Mail reported the wrong name of the program in a story two weeks ago. For more information on the CASA Alegre program, contact 835-8367.

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