Thursday, December 3, 2009

Letter: Co-op Board Does Have Quite a Gig

To The Editor:
First of all, welcome to Socorro Co. and thanks to the Mountain Mail for fair and balanced news. I too have only attended one SEC meeting, and to see the "trustees" act the way they do with the blessing of their attorney was one too many meetings. Yes they do have quite a gig.
But all of this will come to an end. If their attorney wants to leave, please do so. I understand that would save member-owners 100K a year? If she leaves now she might not lose her license.
The "trustees" that recently lost should be men and leave now, believe me they will do restitution. The other three "trustees" that retained their positions last year should resign as well, because the more they pay themselves now will only add to the total they will have to pay back later.
Mr. Wagner whenever executive session is voted on, leave the meeting in protest with the "HELPER" you will receive soon. Have a good holiday season, enjoy it, it will be your last in "power".
James Padilla,
San Antonio,NM - Tucson, AZ.

1 comment:

  1. concerned about the request by the SEC board of "trustees" for a change of time, this will allow the "trustees" to attend in mass. This no doubt is a move by their attorney(paid by member owners) to discredit Mrs. West. How low will the "trustees" sink? hide and watch, or simply attend the court procedings. This is a last gasp of air and "power" by the SEC "trustees" before they are corraled into court themselves. Believe me your turn is coming, rest assured Socorro Co. citizens will finally see what happens at the SEC. J. Padilla, San Antonio NM.