Friday, October 22, 2010

Five Arrested For Buglaries

By John Larson

SOCORRO – Three Socorro men and two Alamo women were arrested Monday morning, Oct. 18, in connection with multiple burglaries on Cuba Road and Charley Drive.
The would-be thieves were caught in the act while removing items from the home of former Socorro Chief of Police Joel Haley, and two other residences.
Lanora Apache, 21, and Alysia Ganadonegro, 22, both of Alamo Navajo Reservation were charged with four felony counts of disposing stolen property, and two counts of providing alcohol beverages to minors.
Chad Padilla, 18, Richard Guerro, 19, and Joe Blanford, 20, were each arrested on four felony counts of burglary, four felony counts of disposing of stolen property, and one count of resisting arrest.
All five suspects were arrested within minutes of the mid-morning burglaries.
Police Sgt. Richard Lopez said all of the residences that were burglarized were within several hundred feet of each other.
“We haven’t got an exact value yet of items taken out of the residences,” Lopez said. “But it was easily into the thousands.”
Among the items from the properties were two large flat screen televisions, computers, DVD players, a small portable electric fireplace, jewelry, and a stove.
According to the criminal complaint, Officer Stanley Montano was called at 10:45 a.m. to a residence in the 500 block of Charley Drive on a report of a burglary in progress, but while still en route, dispatch advised them that one subject, Chad Padilla, was already in custody.
Montano, along with Capt. Angel Garcia and Officer John Hiebert, learned that the other suspects were hiding in a trailer “right down the road,” at 1210 Cuba Road.
“I covered the back door while other officers knocked on the front door,” Montano’s report stated. “When the officers knocked I heard several footsteps running back and forth in the trailer. An unknown subject attempted to open the back door and I immediately announced my presence, and the subject closed and locked the door.”Hiebert then kicked the door in and all four suspects were arrested and handcuffed, the complaint said.
During questioning, Apache and Ganadonegro, admitted that they were involved in the burglaries.
“Captain Garcia asked if the three males were involved, and the females stated yes,” the complaint said. Both females then stated that Blanford and Padilla “were the main guys and [Guerro] helped.”
The complaint said Apache and Ganadonegro admitted to breaking into two houses and a barn.
All five were arrested, and as of press time preliminary hearings in Magistrate Court have not been set.
Apache and Ganadonegro have posted bond, according to the Magistrate Court Clerk.

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