Thursday, August 5, 2010

LETTER: On Politics

To the editor:
One of the most popular antics of any incumbent is a long and seemingly spontaneous chant of “four more years.” It paints a picture of a retiring and humble public servant respectfully accepting the accolades of his supporters.
Technically Diane Denish is not the incumbent governor. However, if anyone believes that she represents anything other than what we have had for the last eight years, then he has completely ignored life’s lessons.
For the last eight years her teacher and mentor has been Bill Richardson, and together they have led New Mexico to the edge of a financial and ethical abyss. Life teaches us that she can only offer us more of the same. A protégé has to emulate her mentor; she has no choice!
On the other hand, Susana Martinez has been prosecuting and jailing criminals and corrupt elected officials for the last fourteen years. Life teaches us that practicing a skill well for a long period of time makes us much better at it later.
As the District Attorney of Dona Ana County, Susana is the mentor.
Life also teaches us, fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us. You and I can’t afford four more years of Bill Richardson, but that is what we are offered by Ms. Denish.
What we can afford is a woman who understands the letter and the spirit of the law. There are some top New Mexico politicians who probably need to be in jail. There is only one candidate whose history and resume boasts that accomplishment.
The lessons of life, if we care to learn from them, make this an easy choice.
That’s my nickle

Gene Brown

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