Thursday, July 22, 2010

LETTER: Bear Story

To the editor:
There have been several incidents of bears being a problem up here in the subdivisions around Horse Mountain reported in the past month.
I was awakened Friday night, July 16, when a bear got into my garden and trash. The dog ran out and there was noise of a fight. However, the dog returned unharmed and very upset.
Next morning I found a bear tracks and a tuft of bear hair in the driveway. While this was being examined a shot from the neighbor’s place was heard. The 110 pound female bear had gone to his place - lured perhaps by the cat food - and started to follow him while he was returning from the outhouse.
“I was concerned that the bear would attack me," the neighbor said.
After an attempt to scare the bear away with shots at her feet, my neighbor was forced to shoot her.
“I hated to do it but, I was scared," he said.
Please everyone, be aware that we live in the wilderness and the wildlife is part of this. Do not leave pet food outside overnight.
Do keep your trash in a heavy duty can with a lid. Make a lot of noise while hiking, such as singing or talking, even if you are alone.
Above all I recommend a dog as a deterrant. I want to thank the folks out at Fur and Feathers for matching me up with a Catahoula silver brindle male name Levi that saved me the having to make a decision of weather or not to shoot one of God's creatures.
The bear was removed by the Fish and Wildlife officer and will be examined to see if there were any health problems which led to the bear's behavior.

Buddy Zeisweiss
Teepee Ranches
Horse Mountain

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