Thursday, March 18, 2010

Socorro County Sheriff's Blotter

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff's Department.

Feb. 7
A woman from Santa Fe was driving north on Interstate 25 at 9:15 p.m. when a large dog ran out into the roadway at mile marker 138 and was struck by the car. The vehicle sustained heavy damage to the right front and entire front end.
Feb. 14
An officer was informed at 10 a.m. of an abandoned U-Haul truck at Sixth and Vigil in Socorro. A check on the license plate showed all was fine with the vehicle. A call was then made to the U-Haul number on the truck, and it was learned that the truck was going to be classified as stolen later that day. U-Haul took possession of the truck.
A man on Kelly Canyon Road reported at 10:30 a.m. that solar panels and solar tracker had been stolen from his property. The solar panels and tracker were on an eight foot pole and had been removed.
A Veguita man reported at 4:30 p.m. that unknown suspects had caused damage to his doorway. He stated that he heard gun shots coming from a neighbor’s home and heard the rounds strike his trees and his doorway. The officer made contact with the suspect, who stated that a friend of his had used his weapon and fired off the rounds. The man stated that his friend’s name was “Froggy” and could not provide any further information.
Feb. 15
A driver was pulled over at 8 p.m. on Fisher Street for not using a seatbelt. While making contact with the driver the officer noticed a black bag with a weapon sticking out of it. It was learned that the gun had been stolen in the Socorro area. The suspect stated that he bought the weapon. He was arrested and charged with possessing stolen property, negligent use of a firearm, and not wearing a seatbelt.
Feb. 19
A woman in San Acacia reported at 10 a.m. that she received calls form a subject who informed her that she had won a sweepstakes and that money was available to her. She stated that she was asked to wire money to a Western Union office in New Jersey, which she did. It was picked up, and she was then requested to send more money, which she did not. The officer obtained phone numbers used by the caller, but those numbers were disconnected or out of service.
Two vehicles were traveling north at mile marker 183 on Interstate 25 at 1:36 p.m., when vehicle 1 struck vehicle 2 from behind. Vehicle 2 swerved, but the Albuquerque driver was able to maintain control, but vehicle 1 began a side to side roll and rolled over vehicle 2, which left the pavement, striking a fence. Vehicle 1 continued to roll and came to a rest facing southeast off the roadway. The driver and occupant of vehicle 1 were injured and transported by ambulance and lifeguard to hospitals. The driver and passenger of vehicle 2 were uninjured.
Feb. 21
A Magdalena man reported at 2 a.m. that another man battered him. It was learned that the suspect’s daughter was with the victim in Paterson Canyon when the suspect battered him. He did not want to file charges at the time of the incident, but now wanted to pursue charges. He stated that when the suspect made contact with him he tried to explain what had transpired, but the suspect grabbed him and battered him.
Feb. 22
A man on Highway 1 reported at 10 a.m. that he had received a harassing phone call from another man in Veguita. He stated that the suspect was complaining on some road work done near his property and said that the job was done poorly due to someone not liking him in the county. The suspect called again the next day and accused him of a racial slur. The victim had witnesses in the room both times the Veguita man called, and they stated that he never made any racial comments. The victim just wanted the incident documented.
A Mountainair man was eastbound on Highway 60 at 2 p.m., and was making a left turn onto Highway 47, when another vehicle was approaching from the opposite direction. Road conditions were wet and slick due to rain and snow, and the other driver skidded when he braked. His vehicle struck the turning vehicle, damaging its rear. The Mountainair driver stated he did not see the oncoming vehicle due to a heavy downpour.
Feb. 23
A Bosque man reported at 5 p.m. that a suspicious vehicle was seen in the area and that an attempt was made to steal copper wiring from a breaker box at his property. He had taken down the license number, and a check showed it was registered to a man in Belen. No contact with suspect at time of report.
Feb. 25
A Veguita woman reported at 10:30 a.m. that someone had entered her residence and stole her jewelry. She produced a list of jewelry taken. No forced entry was evident, and there were no suspects at the time of the report.
An officer on patrol at 11:18 a.m. noticed that a vehicle parked at the Walking Sands Rest Area had its trunk lock missing. A check showed the vehicle had been reported stolen out of the Albuquerque area. It was towed and the rightful owner was advised of its recovery.
A woman in Polvadera reported at noon that someone had taken the street sign “Glamours Lane” from atop the stop sign at the intersection of Glamours Lane and Polvadera Heights Road. The officer went to the area and found the street sign on the ground nearby. It was put back atop the street sign.

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