Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reserve Girl Captures Spelling Bee

By Richard Torres
For the Mountain Mail

The best spellers from Datil, Reserve and Quemado converged at Reserve Hill School for the Catron County Spelling Bee on Wednesday, Jan. 27.
All competitors were between the fifth and eighth grade, and each school was represented by three students.
Representing Datil were sixth graders Gibson Johnston and Caitlynn Atwood; and fifth grader Diana Craig.
Representing Reserve were eighth graders Maryah Delgado and Bryonna Klumker; and fifth grader Tammy Menges.
Representing Quemado were seventh graders Sam Farr and Stefan Beauchmap; and sixth grader Diana Hart.
Reserve teacher Jackie Fryer served as moderator. Missy Langstorf and Becky Spurgeon, also teachers in Reserve, were judges. Rules were given to the competitors and one practice round was exercised. Eight of nine contestants spelled correctly. Each contestant had a paper and pencil to assist them.
Rounds 1 and 2 saw no eliminations. By the end of Round 3, three contestants had been eliminated. Round 4 had another casualty.
Round 5 resulted in 2 boys and 3 girls left.
The crowd was silent. Each parent, student, and guest going over each word in their mind, trying to spell the word correctly. “Apology” and “Denominator” were misspelled, and by the end of Round 8 only two contestants were left. Gibson Johnston and Bryonna Klumker were vying for top honors.
Back and forth went the words: “accomplice-supplement-fallacy-infatuation-psychoanalysis”, with Gibson and Bryonna each spelling correctly.
Round 18 saw Gibson tripping up on “labyrinth”.
Bryonna claimed the championship, successfully spelling “labyrinth” and “enfranchise.”
For third place, Diana won in the fifth round of a spell-off between she and Caitlynn Atwood.

(Photo) These are the top three spellers in the Catron County Speling Bee. From left to right: Diana Hart (third place), Gibson Johnston (second place), and Bryonna Klumker (first place).

Photo by Richard Torres

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